Is Your Cat Peeing On Carpet? Discover Everywhere Before It is Too Late

Does this sound familiar…you have had a cat for various years, and in all the time that you have had her, she has always used her litter box. Presently all of the sudden, she is going in places other than her litter box, such as on your furnishings or even on clothes that happen to lie around.

cat peeing on a carpet

You may believe that this is just a part of your cat becoming more seasoned, and that there is no way around it.

At the point when cats start getting more established and not using their litter boxes like they are supposed to, many individuals feel that the time has come to have them put down. This is a common misconception, and all such a large number of cats are euthanized a long time before their time, and they may have still had many healthy years ahead of them.

Yes, this could be a health issue, and a visit to the vet will tell you without a doubt on the off chance that it is something that is easily treated, or if there is a serious health issue going on.

Prior to taking the drastic step of having your cat taken care of, make an appointment with your vet.

You may even discover that there is not anything physically wrong with your cat at all, and the issue with your cat peeing on carpet is behavioral. If so, you just have to sort out what is making your cat pee outside of its box, and take steps to end this habit.

One reason why you may have an issue with your cat peeing on a carpet is that there may have been a pee spot there from a previous pet, or one that may have lived there before you. Often, these spots are cleaned so that they are essentially invisible to the naked eye, at the same time; your cat knows they are there.

My husband and I had a cat that discovered a spot on our carpet where one of our previous cats had peed, and she started peeing there regularly. We believed that we had the stain practically cleaned, however our cat smelled it, and started using it as its very own litter box.